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The Core Advantages       

 Economy - Our office serves as your office.  Our overhead is shared by several associations, so costs are low.  You won’t need to invest in major equipment and software purchases or commit your reserve funds to long term rental agreements.

 Financial Management - CAS specializes in financial management.  We help set up budgets and can produce the detailed financial reports and historical comparisons which your association needs from year to year. 

 Ethical Standards - Our firm adheres to a stringent Code of Ethics.  Our employees are fully bonded and insured.

 Efficiency - We have the flexibility to increase and decrease our staff to cover expected – and unexpected – increases in your association’s activity level.  We can provide whatever it takes to meet the challenges of special projects or events. 

 Experience - We know associations and how they are run.  Our staff has worked with more than 40 different boards of directors with almost a dozen      501(c)(3) and 501(c)(6) associations.  We keep up-to-date on issues affecting the association community through participation in association professional development programs and forums.

 Continuity and historical perspective -  As we work with firms over the years, we acquire special knowledge of and rapport with the organization.  We can provide historical data and information about what was done in the past, so your volunteer leadership doesn’t waste time ‘reinventing the wheel’ every year or two.

 Vision and strategic planning - We have the experience and ideas to map out a big picture, help you set goals, and energize your volunteers so they don’t get stuck in the “small thinking trap.” 

 Commitment to Success - We have a vested interest our clients’ success.   Simply put, our success and growth are dependent on their success and growth, and our goal is to make both happen.   


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